Friday, November 2

Should Have...

...taken a sick day.

I got up this morning and got ready. I didn't feel great, but I didn't feel utterly wretched either. I went through my whole morning routine, pausing momentarily to chug some DayQuil, and finished out my pre-ride standard operating procedure.

By the time I left I was looking forward to a nice easy commute on my bike through the clear morning air.

It wasn't that exactly.

Oh, it was clear! It was a beautiful morning, the temperature was around 50F, and traffic was light. But "easy" the ride was not.

I had no energy and no motivation to keep moving forward. I considered calling in sick and turning around and beat feet home. One of my coworkers is out on vacation and one is leaving early today. That leaves just me on the counter, sick, dealing with an understanding public for five hours. Never let it be said I'm not a team player because I should have called in this morning.

Not only will I potentially infect a large number of people with whatever funk I have, but I'm not even planning on making an attempt at being effective at my job today.

How's that for being a model employee. I feel that funked up today.

I texted my wife back and let her know I had, in fact, made it okay. Not only had I forgotten to text her, but a half hour after I arrived at work Strava was still running happily along on my phone. I let Mandy know I wasn't feeling good and she replied asking if there was anything she could do.

I did something I almost NEVER do: I said I might just have her come pick me up if I didn't feel better this afternoon.

I didn't come right out and ask though. I'm still holding out hope ill get over this thing fast and be energetic for a Ramming Speed Friday.

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