Tuesday, November 6


I met Jon at the upper lot at Alderfer/Three Sisters this morning. Surprisingly the temperature was mild above 8,000'. I say surprisingly because I didn't check the weather. I just dressed for cold. If I'd been a more astute observer of a televised weather forecast--any televised weather forecast--I may have realized I was overdressing/preparing for our ride.

"What do you want to do?" Jon asked.

"Let's do as much as we can," I replied. And we set off for the Mtn Muhly trail.

I seem to be rid of my cold, but my body is still protesting my non-stop behavior. I didn't have loads of energy. After the first bombing descent (much slower than usual for me) we climbed up to the far point of Muhly and I actually walked a few yards near the top.

Three Sisters has a good mix of easy and moderate scenic trails, technical singletrack, and grinding double track. The setting is just amazing. The upper trailhead sits in a meadow with a stunning view of the Mount Evans massif to the west, Elephant Butte, and Evergreen Mountain to the south.

The view up there sure beat the view of the politickers on the corner of Wadsworth and 80th in Arvada this morning as I took the family up to school (they, unfortunately, did not have the day off :() Joe "I hate the environment" Coors himself was there as we drove past.

Oops! Did I get all political there for a second?

Anyway, I'm going to try and take my family up there really soon before it gets snowy and cold. From the upper trailhead there are some fun and very kid-friendly trails.

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