Wednesday, November 7

So Much For Democracy

I could get all conspiracy theorist all up in heah. I could say the election was rigged (it was), I could say the Pope is behind it all (he is), I could tell you that corporations rule the world (they do), but I won't.

As I watched the election "unfold" like a big ole road map last night it became painfully clear that Mittens Rmoney just didn't buy enough raffle tickets.

But it looks like Obama did his part to support those college students at Electoral. Wonder if he won anything good...

I still don't know how Mitt the Paranoid Android didn't win Colorado. Based on the number of yard signs alone he should have won by a landslide. As I traverse urbia and sub-urbia daily I am convinced that the sub-urbia type places are predominately republican in nature, which is what inspired my new sub-heading title for this blog: You Drive Like a Republican.

Relax, all of you, red and blue, my candidate was not elected either. I wrote in Fatty for president. So I feel your pain.

I've adopted this motto/manifesto mainly due to the proliferation of Rmoney/Ryan and Joe Coors stickers plastered to the backs of the hulking SUVs that careen past me as I try to safely navigate the metro area.

My second choice for a new tag line was: Hang Up and Drive for similar reasons. Well, not the "for similar reasons" part.

Bo is still our Commuter-in-Chief. I hope he handles the next oil spill in a more assertive (read: beserker rage) manner. Maybe he can now throw caution to the wind and oust some corporate stooges? Doubtful. Those fascists at Trek will never release their iron grip on the US economy.

Who am I kidding? I'm a closet liberalitarian. I voted primarily for any candidate that openly endorsed bringing back the horse and buggy as the SOV of choice for sub-urbia-ites.

My hope is that the post-carbon apocalypse will occur before the next round of political ads start showing up on TV.

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