Monday, November 19

The Dogs of Powell County

New bike day. New to me anyway. I'm getting another hand-me-down bike for Christmas. And I'm perfectly okay with that. It's a Specialized Allez Elite.

Mandy and her mom planned on going out for the day and the kids were content to hang with my mom. Tom had to work today. So it was just me, the bike and miles of weekday quiet roads. I planned an ambitious 42 mile ride. I haven't ridden more than about 18 miles in a single ride in awhile.

Kentucky hills differ from Colorado mountains by being short and steep and coming at you over and over and over with little recovery where Colorado climbs just go on and on and on at a steady grade forever.

And dogs...dogs like to lurk about at the bottoms of Kentucky hills. Always the bottom.

I rode from Stanton to Clay City, over Pompeii to Morris Creek and then up North Bend to North Fork and into the Gorge. By then I knew I was going to be out 60 miles or better.

I climbed Sky Bridge hill. It's not the beast I used to think it. At that point there was no shortcuts to be had. I rode on out to Pine Ridge, picked up highway 15 and pedaled toward Stanton again.

I ended up riding 62 miles, putting me over 5,100 miles for the year, and shaking down the bike satisfactorily.

I owe it all to the dogs of Powell County. The lazy ones that didn't bother to chase me, the feisty ones that tried to make a snack of my ankles, the little one that almost experienced a pedal strike from an interesting angle, and even the two boxers in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere that I thought were going to take me down like a deer...dogs...I salute you.

After I got back from my ride Boone and I visited with a local celebrity. Joe Bowen has ridden his bike cross country twice on 14,000 mile trips. He's had an interesting life. And then we met another local cycling family. That was pretty cool.

I'm tired. We've still got a busy week ahead of us. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

More to come...


  1. It's always nice to bring a new baby home. That's a nice bike, enjoy it!

    How is the trip going? Its part professional right?

  2. Well, it's official, we'll be Lexington residents very soon!