Tuesday, November 13

What's In A Number?

This afternoon the ole Pavement's Edge odometer clicked over 5,000 miles. I'm less than 100 miles away from an annual record (5,100.55) and I expect to get that before the month is out.

What does that number represent?

It's half of 10,000. It's 50 weeks of commuting 100 miles per week. It's fifty centuries. It's 8,046.72 kilometers. It's about what I can manage in a year living about 10 miles from work without investing a great deal of time on my bike and away from my family. Though admittedly this past year I did spend a great deal of time on my bike and away from my family training for Leadville. But my normal commute is definitely a limiting factor to higher annual mileage totals.

5,000 miles on a bike is a lot of time to think, to ponder, to scheme, and to see the world from a different perspective. I think of the soul crushing prospect of spending the same 5,000 miles sitting behind the wheel of a car, and I am glad of my choice.

I spent 5,000 miles working my heart and lungs and sculpting my calves and thighs this past year. I spent 5,000 miles composing asinine posts to slap up here on the back alley wall of the internet.

Another couple of interesting numbers that have aligned with my own personal stars recently...I have just passed 900 posts on this hyere blog and I have recently surpassed 16,000 miles ridden (3,200+ annual average) since the beginning of 2008.

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

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