Monday, December 3

Discretion Versus Ego

I woke to the sound of howling winds outside my bedroom window. Ah, if I were to be blown to Kansas on my morning bike commute the ride back to Denver would put me within reach of 5,500 miles for the year.

Mandy offered to drive me to work and I gladly accepted. I knew I was giving up 11 miles toward my 2012 tally, but the trade-off seemed prudent. And I didn't really feel like riding into a headwind from Kansas.

That's okay, I'm late shift my last three days on the counter, I'll do a couple longer morning commutes the next few days and make up for it.

Discretion has not completely won out.

I assume I won't get to ride much after my last day on Friday, by you never know. There's just so much to do to get ready for and to execute this move.

It feels like a mental headwind battering me each day.

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  1. Just caught up with your blog and congrats on the new job. I look forward to reading about it.