Thursday, December 27

Don't Forget the Bike!

I should know better by now. When in doubt...TAKE THE BIKE!

Dave L and I had the following text exchange recently:

Me: Wish this rain would stop so I could ride my MTB

Dave: Yeah planning on going up to the ridge Thursday if it is really wet I'll go hike it; but generally it is always rideable, a little muddy for the first 1/4 mile at the most. Want to go?

Me: If its too muddy to ride then hiking would be cool.

Dave: It is totally rideable in the wet but it does make certain sections more tech.

We eventually decided to just hike it. I met Dave in Mount Sterling and he drove the rest of the way to Morehead. We parked at the visitor center near the dam and hiked northerly on the Sheltowee. The section we hiked is the trail he calls "The Ridge." While I'm familiar with the area, I had never actually hiked that section of the Sheltowee, and due to the efforts of Dave and some other local MTBers the ridge section between Amburgey Rocks and the visitor center is in fine condition. In fact, despite the drenching rains and snows of late, it was totally rideable today. The lower temps hardened everything that wasn't gravel solid.

Totally. Rideable. We opted to hike and leave the bikes at home.

I've been jonesing to MTB since we got back into the state; today we had the perfect opportunity and blew it.

It was the kind of day I used to live for when I climbed a lot. It was overcast, cold, but not freezing, and the sky was dreaming of snow. Cranking along on a mountain bike would have fueled my furnace all day long. Man...


  1. Do you have a GPS location or something for this spot? I'd love to pinpoint the good areas to ride. For now, I've just been doing trial and error.

  2. My mom was a pastor in west Kentucky in the latter 40s. She has good (and some not to good) memories of the area and the people. I would love to see it some day.