Thursday, December 6


It's that time of year. College students everywhere are preparing for finals and weighing whether or not its even worth it to go back for the spring semester. On the School of Mines campus some are even playing Christmas lemmings and darting in front of fast moving Cannonballs.

Yeah, I did my final ride through Mines campus this afternoon when I dropped down to try out Bob's Atomic Burgers for lunch. Alas, Bob's is truly atomic (if slightly expensive, deservedly) and my first visit is most likely also my last. A good burger is hard to find.

Tomorrow is my last day with Jeffco, and ironically tomorrow is also going to be the first really ugly commuting day of the winter season, those early season surprises notwithstanding. Am I sad? Well, yes and no. As much as I like a good sufferfest on the bike, compulsory suffering has a way of wearing on you.

I'm going to ride tomorrow no matter what Mother Nature throws at me. I regret that my window for breaking the 22mph commute barrier has closed though.

So tomorrow will be my final bike commute in Colorado. I'm sure, as long as the post-carbon apocalypse holds off, that I'll ride again in Colorado, just not as a working stiff. Leadville. Yeah, Leadville.

I'd wanted to carve up a bit of singletrack before we leave, but the reality of the Big Move has prevented that. No more prairie bike commutes. But I can't say I didn't get my fill while I had the chance. I have no regrets there. I prairie biked to my fullest potential. I left no trail unridden within line-of-sight of the Taj.

I'd love to spend a little more time in Buffalo Creek. I never got up to the Lyons or Ft Collins areas. Vedauwoo! That's okay. I got at least a little taste. I've filled in so much of my mental map. When we come back to visit we'll know right where to go. Fruita and Moab.

Things change; life takes on new textures. New adventures await.

We should be pulling into Kentucky with our moving caravan with a couple of days to spare before the end of the Mayan calendar. Who knows what this next life will hold? Time will tell.

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