Monday, December 10

Going (Away) Green

A lot of people have jokingly asked me if we're using our bikes to move. Haha. So funny.

Awhile back, Mandy and I talked about dropping out and becoming hippie farmers. No, really. And when we discussed it Mandy suggested that we ship everything off east and then bike cross country when the time came.

So now we are actually looking at a big eastern move. In December. So we never considered the grand scheme to bike cross country. Over the holidays, in the bitter cold, across the Midwest...just didn't make sense.

Hey, this ain't no cross-town move.

However, I will be scrounging boxes on the Xtracycle this week. So some components of the move are going to be green. Some are not.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely think that sometimes its OK to splurge on the carbon usage. Moving half way across the country earns you a pass in my books!