Saturday, December 1

Monthly Mileage: Big November

I had no idea how this past month was going to play out. Last November I rode 382 miles which was respectable considering all the holidays. But previously November had been low in mileage for me.

My final tally is 361.6. Less than last year, but a respectable second highest November.

What is notable is that I surpassed my previous annual mileage this past month. In 2011 I rode 5,100 miles. On November 19 I ticked over 5,100 miles for 2012. I'm currently just shy of 5,200 (5,195 and change) for the year with one last week of bike commuting to go. Maybe I can crack 5,300 and go out with a bang.

My average monthly mileage for the year is: 472.3. I have no real projected mileage. I'll get in one more week, maybe another 100 miles if I'm lucky, and then all bets are off. I don't expect to ride anymore in 2012, with the impending move and all, but you never know.

A number I've not really reported much on, but have calculated occasionally, is my daily average for the year. It's right around 15 miles a day as of today. That's an average of 15.5 miles a day for 365 days. Sunday through Saturday, all holidays, bad weather, sick days and the like.

Obviously I will not have ridden all 365 days of the year, but I've kept up a respectable daily average.

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