Wednesday, December 26

Out of the Boxing Day

Woke up to more rain. Blah. But this is how I remember Kentucky winters: 40-ish and rain. That spells M-U-D-D.

I needed to go by the credit union and the insurance office. Despite the light rain at 9:30 it only took me a minute or so to decide I would ride. I was going to swap out pedals and accoutrements from Minus to the Allez but then time became a factor, and the rain picked up a bit so I deemed Minus to be my icky weather bike here.

It only took  me a few minutes to run my errands. My family lives out of town, but from where we're staying over the hill to town is only a couple of miles, and then the town itself--Stanton--is hardly a mile across. Within fifteen minutes I had stopped at both places and was pulling into my in-laws bikeport.

Mandy and her mom headed out "to the city" for the day with Bean and Boone sat at his grandparents' kitchen table playing with his Christmas Legos. Tom is remodeling his room and I offered to help but he claimed he was fine enjoying his destruction solo. At the time there was a little blue poking through the gray skies.

By the time I had stowed some food in my jersey pocket and was ready to head out the blue was long gone and the gray was gushing. I hem-hawed around for a little bit, and after a peek at the doppler concluded that it was go and get wet or not ride at all. There was no benefit in attempting to wait out the rain. 

Tom suggested a ride that he often does when it rains and I decided it was my best bet, backroads out of town and then some easy riding with little threat of traffic in the rain.

After cutting through town I was skimming through the rain out toward the river and getting up to a respectable ramming speed. It was then I decided I'd do an out and back sprint over Tharpe Ridge Road.

I actually managed to get my heartrate up and felt pretty good standing up on my pedals to climb the short steep climbs on the wooded lane.

After a meander past the reservoir I turned and blasted back toward town, rocketing across the flat floodplain with a backdrop of misty hills and heavy skies.

I was back to the in-laws in 40 minutes after a short 10-ish mile ride in the rain and felt pretty good.

My number chasing to tick over 5,500 miles by the end of the year. It might be awhile before I can crack such a high annual number again. Why not go for it while I'm so close? Right now I'm just shy of 5,400 miles with five days to go. Of course the weather is trying to thwart me, but I'll do it if I have to ride in two feet of snow.

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