Friday, January 11

Drowning in Winter

I knew Kentucky winters would not avail much mountain biking. I promise I'm not complaining, but for crying out loud! Just one solid weekend of dry weather would be nice!

It looked like we were going to have it this weekend, but the rains moved in yesterday. So now the ground is sloppy again. Grrr!

It doesn't help that I want to try out the tubeless setup I have on the One now. Thanks to Dave L I'm getting a taste of life without all that rubber. Oh, and we've shaved off enough grams to choke a field mouse as well as casting off all that rotational weight. DYING to ride the MTB.

I spent two days at the Kentuckians for Better Transportation (KBT) conference in Lexington. I've been trying to get to know people, trying to understand the layers and interconnections of agencies and organizations. It's so much easier here in Kentucky than it would have been in Colorado. I understand the place and a lot of these relationships already. It's making the transition go so much more smoothly.

We're going to try to do a road ride tomorrow. May make another assault on High Rock. I've got some comparative analysis to do for a future post. Plus, my legs are suffering a lack of suffering.

Leadville is a little more than two centuries worth of days out. I'm feeling the short time. Feeling it...

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