Thursday, January 31

Grand Schemes Involving Mohicans

I came up with this idea for an underground race. 160 miles. Historical significance. Two states. Hard surfaces. Oddly related to the Mohican 100.

I'll give a few clues and see if you can come up with my scheme.

1) James Fenimore Cooper based his most renowned character on a real person.

2) That real life person's adventures inspired the scheme.

3) The scheme is not based on the events which inspired Cooper's most famous story.

4) The real life person pulled off a remarkable escape, the path of which would make a stellar one day endurance ride.


In other news from the pavement's edge:

Yesterday was my birthday. I have begun my 40th year on the planet. This will be my best year ever.

Today my 9 year old son ran his first mile, non-stop, and he enjoyed it tremendously. I was thankful I got to share that with him. I might make an endurance mountain biker out of him yet.


  1. Happy Birthday. 40 is not too bad. Well so far. And if you ignore the aches and pains. Yeah, other than that its great.

  2. Just 39, beginning the 40th year. I try to ignore the aches and pains but there are so many!

  3. A wonderful happy birthday [belated, I know!] to you. May the next 40+ be much better than the last!