Sunday, January 6


Events turn and new developments startle. I begin my new career on Monday. I'm ready to go. The turning and developing are in the family transportation department. On Wednesday I took the whole tribe and we went car shopping. The harsh reality of my new job is that I'll need a car of my own because there will be a lot of travel and the organization does not provide a vehicle.

Initially we assumed that meant a second car for our family. We've been a car-lite, or single car, family for the past three years as of December. We're working on our fourth year. So when it became clear I was going to need a car for my job and that I'd be giving up bicycle commuting and we'd be living in a less bicycle-friendly city we were obviously bummed.

We're willing to make this sacrifice for the opportunity I will have to have some (hopefully) increasing influence on transportation issues in our home state.

Anyway, we spent most of the day Tuesday looking at mediocre used cars. We have a chunk of cash and wanted to buy something outright instead of taking on a monthly payment and the obligatory full-coverage insurance. Unfortunately, nothing in our price range presented itself. There was a 2000 Corolla with 80,000+ miles and a 2002 Forester that was about $1,000 more than we wanted to spend. We really, really liked the Forester. It would have made a nice car.

On the way back to my grandmother's house (where we're staying) we discussed it and finally came to the conclusion that it made the most sense to not let the antsiness drive us into buying something that we couldn't afford or that we didn't really want (the Corolla is small and smelled like cat pee).

Mandy and I both feel pretty good about the decision to remain a car-lite family. For now we'll continue to rely on Forester Gump and bide our time until something optimal pops up. This arrangement will work out for now because Mandy plans on homeschooling until the end of the school year. We started out our car-lite experiment when she first homeschooled Boone in 2009.

At least for now this will work out well for us. And if it becomes unbearable or unmanageable we can then give into the antsiness.

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