Monday, January 28

The Leadville Saga: First of the Mohicans

Ah ha! Surprised you didn't I? Didn't think I'd be writing about Leadville again did you? Well, here I go again.

I signed up for the Mohican 100 a few weeks ago. Will I do the 100 mile or 100k? We'll see come the morning of June 1.

For now the plan is just to train. I'm participating in a 100 push-up challenge at work. The challenge is to do 100 push-ups by the end of six weeks. My baseline was 21, surprising even me.

Additional training has been running. And that's it. But, I went out and ran 2 miles off the couch and felt pretty good. My couch-to-5k program is to get off the couch and run 5k.

And here we go with my number fetish. My plan is to drop to about 165 pounds between now and July 1. That's roughly a pound a week. It's not going to be easy.

What I see as keys to success as a sea leveler in Leadville this year is to drop max weight (including shaving off bike weight) max my cardio capacity, and overcome my obvious mental bugaboos.

Riding is secondary at this point. I'll ride what I can ride, which will be significantly less than I have the past two years. My hope is that my substantial base of miles will carry me. Doesn't mean I can slack off, but I'm hoping I won't lose my edge in nine months.

I've decided to forgo the fat bike angle. If I do get a Krampus I'm still going to ride The One in Leadville. Currently I'm trying out a tubeless setup and I think it's going to work out fine. All I need is lots of mileage and experience on them to be confident rolling them at Leadville.

The Mohican is going to be helpful for me to shakedown and bolster confidence. Leadville shouldn't be as stressful this year.

After succeeding at Leadville this year I think the Mohican may be my new MTB obsession each year.

Don't worry though, there are a few other biking schemes touring around my brain.

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  1. I'm excited about Leadville this year. But I am also excited about finding races that are closer to my house that are hard, long, epic. Wilderness 101, Hampshire 100, ORAMM, Shenandoah 100. This summer is going to be fun, but next will be also.