Wednesday, January 16

What's Not to Like

I could, Dear Readers, go into a long update of the changes in my life since leaving Colorado. In fact, I think that's exactly what I'm going to do.

These days I sit in a cubicle, though my cubicle has wall to wall windows. I look down on a busy intersection next to an interchange for a limited access beltway. I wear a tie, though I've learned to enjoy dressing a little more professional than I'd been willing to in the past. 20 year old me would punch 38 year old me in the face, but 38 year old me would punch back and look good doing it.

Where I had been afeared I'd be in over my head, I'm now confident I'll manage just fine given time. This job isn't beyond my abilities. While the position I fill is not as sexy as, say, bike/ped coordinator for the city or state, I think I will be able to be engaged in exactly what I want to be engaged in. I'll have to take care and keep the bigger picture in mind, but I'm in a place where subtlety will serve me best, and keeping the patience of Job will lead to success. These things I can do.

We're not settled--we still haven't sold the house in Arvada--but things are going well considering. The down side is I'm spending about $100 a week just on commuting, and I'm spending a minimum of an hour and a half a day in the car. That's got to stop!

The kids are settling into school, and Mandy is trying to find her space in the world. Her efforts are going to be much more fruitful once we have a place of our own.

We've been trying to ride/exercise. The weather is typical Winter-in-Kentucky slop, so we've not ventured beyond the pavement's edge since returning to the state. Though I am tubeless now thanks to Dave.

This week I've been mapping as many uber-steep roads as I can identify remotely. I've rediscovered a lot I'd never thought about as bike rides before, and looking at topographic lines has once again, for me, yielded much to put down on the ole tick list. Central/eastern Kentucky really is a good place to thicken up your quads. Short and steep or endless rollers. What's not to like?

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