Tuesday, February 5

Back in Black Hawk

In this day and age of technological fantastica news travels fast. Yesterday the Colorado Supreme Court overturned the Black Hawk Bicycle Ban!

You’ll remember that at the request of a legislator friend the Cannonball and I (and some others) stormed the state capitol and testified before a committee regarding a bill to prevent any future repeats of said ban. That proposed bill died in committee, but though the battle was lost, the war has been won (for now).

It’s good. I’m glad the ban was overturned. Of course these days mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Kentucky Century Challenge, so I’m not so concerned about where you can and cannot ride your bike in Colorado.

What is this challenge you may ask? Well, it’s simple.

The Redbud Ride in London, Kentucky. The Horsey Hundred in Georgetown. The Preservation Pedal in Frankfort. The Old Kentucky Home Tour in Louisville (Loo-uh-vul for my Colorado friends). These are four organized rides around the state each with a 100 mile option. The Kentucky Century Challenge is met if you ride three of the four 100 mile rides. If you meet said throw down you receive a jersey. Pretty sweet.

Okay, I’m not so good at math, but let’s tally this up:

​0 miles Can’t make the Redbud Ride

​100 miles Horsey Hundred

100 miles Mohican​

100 miles Preservation Pedal ​

100 miles Leadville​

100 miles Old Kentucky Home Tour​

​500 miles

Previously in life I’ve ridden two centuries: Triple Bypass Tour and my Corona Pass ride. I think five centuries in one calendar year is significant. Can I do it? Well, if my friend Matt can pull off three in a week after recovering from his injuries (before relapsing) then I can spread out five over five months. We're not even counting training rides at this point either...hmmm.

Anyway, the ban has been overturned and that was a good thing. Black Hawk’s ban had nothing to do with safety or concern for cyclists and everything to do with discrimination and hatred. I can’t prove that, but it’s not so hard to figure out.

Both the news of the ban and the info on the Kentucky Century Challenge come to you via my lovely SAG captain and touring partner, Mandy. 

One last thing of note, for my Kentucky friends, is the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) Transportation Survey. If you have a minute please take the time to complete the survey:


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  1. I filled out the survey a couple weeks ago. As a friend noted, it seems designed to funnel respondents into "make more interstate-type roads so that drivers don't have to think," instead of "begin enforcing laws related to inattentive driving" or "make local roads safer for all road users by doing xxxxx."

    Still, I did what I could.