Thursday, February 7

Friends Don't Let Friends...

Something had to be done. I've been getting fat. With this five-o'clock-dark stupidity I haven't been able to squeeze in many workouts. I've managed to run a little--quick aside, last week my nearly ten year old son ran his first non-stop mile and loved it--and I joined a 100 push-up challenge at work. But I've not managed to curb my eating and I'm getting little significant exercise.

So I took Minus to work. Instead of eating lunch I'll be riding my lunches. The only way I can focus my diet on performance is if I'm riding. The only way I can be riding is if I'm taking advantage of my hour long lunches.

For whatever reason I can only tame my wretched diet is to be actively "training." I'm not at a level now where running really feels like training. I'm doing two miles at a jog. I want to be doing more, but I'm also cognizant of the potential for bodily harm if I push it too fast.

It's too muddy right now, but once it dries out (or freezes hard again) I'll subject The One to the indignity of being hauled on Gump and I'll ply Veteran's Park. (In Lexington, if you mention being a cyclist, the first thing people ask is either "Have you ridden the Legacy Trail?" or "Have you been to Veteran's Park?" Legacy is a new MUP and Veteran's has professionally designed mountain bike trails.)

In the meantime I'll start getting to know (again) the mean streets of Lexington. It's a bronze level bicycle friendly city (LAB) but it believe me, it's got a long way to go to be a truly bicycle friendly city.

Yesterday I did a 13 mile ride scouting my way over to Veteran's. I made it in 20 minutes and round trip was 56 minutes with a couple of misdirected detours. It felt good. Managed a 15 mph average through suburbia.

Today I bettered my standings on the squire bike path segment:

Leadville is in August, but the Mohican is screaming up fast. That bike ain't gonna pedal itself.

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