Thursday, February 21

Healing and Ducks

Finding myself in the job I have now is like waking up one morning after a long illness and realizing I’m well and that my head is clear, I have energy, and I feel like going out an conquering the world. If I ever have the audacity to complain about it, please barrage me with tongue lashings in the comments field. Email me hate mail. Pedal past my house and shout obscenities.

I’m learning that I’ve stepped onto a political stage though. I’m just below state level government, so there’s a lot of talk of the specifics of legislature, of legislators in general, and in many of their idiosyncrasies. I must take extreme care to be an observer on the sidelines until I have a much fuller understanding of the playing field. This is new to me. But I think I can swing with the big boys given time. In fact, I know I can.

Not where I work
It’s sort of surreal to have moved so far, to have progressed so far, but to have landed on a stage with the same old background I was used to for so long. And my memories of Colorado float to the top of the chaos sometimes and I can still see it all so clearly. It’s almost like I could get on my bike and ride up North Table Mountain on my way in to work. prairie bike commute would be considerably longer. Those five years totally reshaped my perspective of the world. That was what I was looking for in making such a big move in the first place, and we accomplished that and then some. All four of us are drastically different people for having made the transitions we made. I hope we can always benefit from the experiences we’ve had.
I apologize for the inconsistencies on the blog. I’m still trying to get settled in. I’m freaking out about the Mohican—ignoring the Leadville elephant in the room for now—and focusing on work, on finding my true place in the machine, and in trying to get my family into a permanent living arrangement.
We’ve made some concessions. It is possible that instead of living close to my job as I’d affirmed originally, we may try to partner up with some friends on a homestead venture in the rural county we came from. Land is just cheaper there than in horse country. Lexington is an oddity in that it is cheaper to live in the city, even in nicer neighborhoods, than it is to live out in the countryside. Horse farms distort property values it seems
We’ve made no firm decisions in this arena just yet. But talks are ongoing.
Like I said, I’ve been sick, so there’s not been much riding going on. And it’s still the season of mud here, so there’s not a lot of viable mountain biking to be had, at least, not of much length. The only endurance activities I’ve been involved in are marathon Duck Dynasty sessions on the couch. Ouch!

Was pleasantly surprised to find this in Frankfort yesterday

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