Wednesday, February 20

Hundreds of Reasons

It's been awhile, I know. I apologize. I was sick all weekend and woke up Monday with an even higher fever of 103. I'm on the mend, but weak as a kitten. And my lovely wife set up a bike ride for me on Saturday. Hope it doesn't kill me.

Weighed myself two nights ago. Well, I had on my cycling bucket list to ride a double century. I've managed a double century, just not on the bike. And that was after a pretty active, if sickly, weekend. Man, that's the kind of combination that just rips the pounds off! And I gained... That is going to change. I'm getting serious about keeping track of my calories and I'm going to stick with it. I've got to.

The Mohican is 100 days away. I've not been riding enough! I'm so far down in my training it hurts. I did good riding on my lunch breaks until I ended up sick. This week I've not ridden at all. Got to wrassle that horse down, get back on, and kick the spurs to 'er. If I feel better tomorrow I'll ride at lunch. Maybe knock down a moderate ride on Friday, and then really sock the miles out come the weekend. That's the plan.

I was participating in a 100 pushup challenge at work, but that fell apart due to a combination of laziness, sickness, and pathetickness.

There are some exciting developments on the horizon. I'm doing what I can to further the cause of cycling in my home state. And that's just the icing.

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  1. Come on up for a training ride! Totally not in the brown season up here yet. You might want to toss on some studded tires though :)