Wednesday, February 6

Your Friendly Neighborhood Transportation Planner

First off, I guess I should share that I received an email from the folks in Leadville letting me know its official. I'm in for 2013. But we knew that. After I raced Lance I got that gold coin that let me know I was in. Solid.

I'm an honest-to-dawg transportation planner these days. What began with an interview where I felt I was sacrificing my own freedom of mode choice to help others have more of that freedom has resolved into a position where my initiative and creativity is encouraged and supported.

I'm going to be working on Bike Month, Bike-to-Work Week/Day activities and events and I've been admonished by our executive director to work on a regional bike map after I shared some city bike maps with my coworkers. Where my interviewers were skeptical that I could practically commute by bike I've opened up some dialogue toward getting more corporate bike/ped amenities. And realistically I can bike commute many days once we actually live in Lexington.

There is also talk of a collaboration with other local transportation professionals to draft a regional bike/ped plan. And I've discovered that part of my position's scope of work includes bike/ped planning services to the local governments in our district not covered by the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (LAMPO).

Truth is there is a lot of focus on the SOV in this state. Dang near a cult of the car. Worshipping the Baals of trucking and happy motoring. That's got to change. And I think it is changing. Slowly. I'm in the perfect position to work the scene, play the game, learn the ropes, and rub the right elbows.

For the past three years this is exactly where I wanted to be, professionally speaking. I worried that I was getting in over my head, but I've found I don't mind swimming in deep water quite so much

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  1. Thanks! I am too! I finally have a job that I enjoy, and I look forward to going in every day. Never thought that would happen.