Monday, March 18

Fattening Up For The Kill

Fate—it seems—has a sense of deviousness. A sprained ankle is one of the most effective ways to guarantee someone can’t burn extra calories. You can hardly walk, can’t run, can’t…ride a bike, can’t tap dance. All you can do is sit around eating Ho-hos (well, you used to be able to eat Ho-hos, now you have to eat some disgusting knock-off) and drink sugary drinks while bemoaning your involuntary hiatus from hardcore training.

Okay, so it was the “hardcore” training that put me on the couch in the first place. That’s not really the point. And the weather! Saturday was phenomenal! I could have cranked through the woods for dozens of miles! But NO! Had to be gimped up. Had to delay gratification. And so I get fat to be served up to an uncaring universe on June 1.
It was a great day though. I took my nine year old son to the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention and he had a blast. Then we went to Games Workshop to round out our geek-fest and he had an even bigger blast. Then the schools were having a Reading Celebration and we went to that and had a continuing blast-fest. And then I went home and sobbed over a grotesquely swollen ankle. But it was worth it.
I saw a friend I hadn’t seen since high school. She’s a comic artist now. I saw a few other friends I hadn’t seen in ages. This whole moving-back-to-my-hometown after five years makes for a string of surreal experiences that are hard to assimilate. I keep running into people I hadn’t seen in decades (two is plural) even though we’d lived in the same town for all those years. Having kids in school brings you back into contact with those people more often than not.
The ankle is improving fast. I’m not limping much today, though I still have some oogly bruising and it is still definitely weak. I’m hoping by the weekend I can at least be on the road bike and start making up some of those lost (gained) calories. My 5k training is on hold, but that’s okay. I can run a 5k right now, I’m just not as graceful as a gazelle yet. Yet.

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