Friday, March 29

Grean Kanteens

My lovely wife came across a good closeout deal on some Klean Kanteens and snatched them up. We do so love out pretentiously-stylish-yet-highly-practical steel water bottles. My original Klean Kanteen is banged up and scuffed bare from being carried on my bike. So Mandy got me a shiny new forest green one. I’m digging it.


Since a significant amount of time has passed I can give you a much better review on both my original 27 oz bottle and my insulated bottle. Both rock.
The only real downfall I see in the water bottle is that when you’re trying to get the last few drops out of it you can’t squeeze it for extra oomph like you can with a plastic bottle. But I welcome the tradeoff of using a more sustainably constructed bottle.
Yes, my original bottle is scuffed and worn, but it’s still 100% functional. The sport cap is still in great shape, and the bottle is bombproof. I’ll be drinking from it for years to come.
Today’s post is short. Our office closes for half day for Good Friday. Hey, I’m not complaining! And I’m off on a two-wheeled human-powered contraption for an afternoon adventure. See you Monday with a trip report!

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