Wednesday, March 27

Harden Up

I’m sorry.

I’ve been whining, and you, Dear Readers, do not deserve to be whined at. Unless you’re a whiner yourself. If so, then go back and re-read all of my 900+ posts. Right now.
Sometimes I forget that I have a mind like a steel trap, grit all through my veins, that I’m battle-hardened, and have a heart that just won’t stop.
Okay, not only do you not deserve to be whined at, but you also don’t deserve the crap that’s piling up now. I’ll get to my point.
SNAP! My ankle was sprung. I growled, not in pain, but in anger at my own stupidity. I then stomped out of the woods on my wrecked appendage in defiance of my obstacular injury. Remember what I said about the circumstances that led up to the sprain?

“A sedentary lifestyle will kill you.”

Actually life will kill you, and so regardless of the lifestyle you live you’re heading down the road to the grave anyway. Living the life that’s been given to you is important. I abhor the attitude that you should avoid anything “dangerous” or uncertain in order to prolong your life. Everything worth doing in life bears some amount of risk. And the people that live in fear are really just afraid of being uncomfortable.
The most mundane things in life can injure or kill you. Yet most people don’t avoid taking showers, eating fatty foods, or yammering on their cell phones while screaming along I-64 at rush hour doing a solid fifteen over the speed limit.
When my ankle has healed and I have sufficiently conditioned myself I will once again go back and run the trails at Pilot Knob. Mayhap I’ll even do so just before sunset with insufficient cell phone juice. Mayhap.
I’ve learned from the experience. What I’ve learned is this: you can’t run from being old and fat. You have to face them head on, beat those @#$!ers down, and dance on their carcasses.
Yeah, so, I narfled the garthok and lost. So I’m a whiney, namby-pamby from time to time. I’ve had a long history of walking the thin line of calculated risk so I could satisfy my obsessive desire to see as much of the world around me as I could manage.
I’ve hiked hundreds (if not thousands) of miles alone. I’ve rock climbed, paddled, cycled, mountain climbed…all alone more than with others. I’m a self-reliant individual. I don’t back down from a monumental physical challenge. I strategize, minimize the risk, and go with intention.
On Saturday I had a fantastic ride. On Sunday I let a little pain and stiffness hobble me into submission. I got it in my head that the pain after my first ride back after injury was a setback in itself. Not so. In my weakened mental state I let the weather further subdue my resolve. I basically gave up on this week altogether. 
Well, the week ain’t over yet. I’m not hardened up for running back up to Pilot Knob yet, but I can get on a bike and slam down on the pedals.

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