Monday, March 4

I Must Be Feeling Better

I cancelled the big ride on Saturday due to mucus. I should be over this funk by now, but I’m not. I was afraid if I tried to do any climbing I’d wrench a lung free of its mounts. Couldn’t afford that kind of catastrophe 90 days out from the Mohican.

Sunday there was snow across the escarpment. And I wasn’t feeling a ton better. My energy levels did seem to be coming back, but I’m still hacking up phlegm. At least it’s not parts of my lungs. Needless to say I didn’t ride on Sunday either.
The cold weather is lingering. So I’m going to try to jump-start my running routine today. I got new running shoes and it’s time to up the training to more serious levels. Mandy wants to do the Iron Horse half marathon this fall, and I decided I’d do it with her. This is doable, because a primary component of my Leadville training was to be a significant increase in my cardio output. That, and some general conditioning: upper body and core with some legs.
This move cross country has thwarted most of my efforts to date. I don’t have the easy access to weights and other fitness equipment, and it’s been hard to set aside time to work out and to ride. To be frank, I’m a little scared about Leadville. That’s why riding the Mohican is going to be a good thing for me; I’ll have a much better gauge of where I’m at with two months to go.
And to get ready for the Iron Horse I’m going to have to start upping my running mileage immediately after Leadville. It’s going to be a fine balance between fitness and injury. Somehow I’ll have to cram in training and rest. Of course, that will be easier in some ways than last year because I won’t have to commute every day, so when I rest, I rest.
Just the fact that I’m back to scheming means I’m feeling better. Saturday I really just wanted to become an armchair Olympian, forget bike rides, forget running, forget ever moving under my own power…
And now I’m back to fantasizing about my biggest schemes…more on those at a future date.

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