Tuesday, March 5

The Mid-Life Crisis is Well Underway

I wouldn’t have called my previous Leadville 100 obsession a mid-life crisis. But it has evolved into far more than just an obsession to do a certain mountain bike race. Oh yeah, it’s gotten big!

When I didn’t finish the obsession didn’t go away. I even did another mountain bike race to mitigate some of the emotional damage and to qualify for this year’s race. Then after we moved east I up and signed up for yet another 100 mile mountain bike race. And a 5k. And have decided to do the Kentucky Century Challenge. And now I’ve signed up for a half marathon. Hi, my name is Chris, and I am addicted to endurance events.
Well, "they" say middle age is the prime age for endurance activities. I'm on the cusp...
The other day Mandy mentioned to someone that she was going to do the Iron Horse halfmarathon in Midway, Kentucky in October. I noticed yesterday that the early bird discount ends today. So I signed us up last night. I’m not sure if the look Mandy gave me was horror or excitement, but she didn’t kick me to the couch last night. I guess I didn’t screw up too bad.
I ran yesterday. It was ugly. Well, I don’t know, maybe I was as graceful as a gazelle, but I sure didn’t feel graceful. I’ve ran in recent months, and I’ve been riding, I just think my body is still lagging from the martian death flu. That will change. You know what else is going to change? Daylight savings. Oh yeah!
So next week we’ll get the sun back. Evenings will again be a time for outdoor life. The afterwork hours will become a viable option for working out and whipping into shape. Hur-RAH!
Anyway, I’ve signed up for three fitness-type events this year so far, and I intend to sign up for at least four more. We’re also doing a 5k in May and I want to do the Kentucky Century Challenge which will involve me riding in three organized centuries between May and September for a jersey. And I’ve got two big personal events even bigger than all of these I’ve mentioned that I’d try to squeeze in this year if at all possible. And if not, then those two will definitely happen by the end of 2014. More on my secret races on down the road…
This is my fortieth year. I think I have a deep need to prove to myself that “I still got it.” I think I am also feeling the pull of mortality. I’ve been fortunate to have had good health my whole life despite a wretched diet. I’ve always been active, but I’ve never really eaten well. And so I see a need to do these events to keep myself motivated to eat healthier and to be MORE active. Maybe if I get in a good habit of eating and exercising I can drop the glut of organized events in subsequent years. But the medals sure are shiny!


  1. Good luck with the running thing. I don't like running enough to do a half.

  2. I used to love running. Then I got so far out of shape it wasn't enjoyable anymore. Then I basically used cycling to get back into shape, and have consistently chosen the bike for my fitness needs ever since. It's a chore transitioning back over to running--getting my body used to the idea again--but I think once I do I'll find I love it again. I hope. Before October.

  3. Are you going to be ready for Mohican? My first race is coming up in just about a month. Only 62 miles, but its a road race with 8 dirt sections on it. It should be interesting.

  4. I'm trying to get the miles in, but it's just not happened so far. It's been too muddy to ride trails, so I've been stuck on the roads, and with daylight savings I don't have much time through the week. I'd started riding on my lunch hour, but then got sick and just haven't been able to get back in the habit. With my job there are just some days I can't exercise on my lunch.

    Hopefully with the time change and spring on the way I'll be able to increase my output significantly.