Saturday, April 6

A Rise and Fall

I often inadvertently set myself up for a grand fall.  I headed out with Jeff from his place this morning bound for some of my old haints with the intention of seeing the destruction along the Narrows Road/Whites Branch/Pot Holler.

Looking down the road into Pot Holler

There ended up being bucketloads more climbing than I expected and a lot of brutally steep and technical ground. Jeff rode 99% of our 30 mile loop and I probably rode 85%. I definitely slowed Jeff down walking up some of the more heinous climbs. At least I know what I need to work on now.

My ambition was my downfall. I consoled myself with the knowledge that fewer people could and would do what we're doing than can't or won't. I'm not despondent concerning my poor performance. The sprained ankle and the flu have killed my cardio. Got to build that back up.

As for the destruction of the Narrows's as bad as I expected but more rideable than I could have imagined. We rode through a lot more of the tank traps and bomb craters than I'd have thought. There's potential. The road between the Sheltowee and Sand Lick is a crucial link in the potential mountain biking in the area.

At least they put in erosion control: the closure
of the Narrows section of the Sheltowee Trace

Some cool things we saw: the ghost town of Pilot, a shacklerod engine, the Narrows, sandstone slickrock Kentucky style, we rode down a creek bed on flat rock, and pounded over High Rock.


It's like Moab, but more Appalachian. Above Billey Fork
Not sure what this is like, but it was fun! Pot Holler

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  1. Don't know if this will find you, but your route is very similar to what we were going to do on our 3rd day from LagoLinda. We planned on parking in Zoe, doing the Zacariah and then taking Sand Lick north before looping back down on some of the same roads. Fact is, after a rainy Fri and Sat our bikes, brake pads, and bodies were too trashed to face Zacariah. We're already planning another trip down this Fall, either to tackle the Zacariah area along with Fixer, or maybe farther south and explore the Turkey Foot area. All of it is really great. Thanks for the recon.