Thursday, April 25

Cannonball X v4.1 Redux

The storage unit door went up in a howling screech of protest. I peered into the gloomy space and saw exactly what I expected to see. Over the past four months most of our material things have lounged in a dark and dry place. But for some reason my beloved Cannonball has attracted rust like refrigerator odors to baking soda (like that one?).

The last time I went rooting around in our pile of junk I discovered that the chain on my cargo bike had rusted stiff. Upon closer inspection I saw that rust had accumulated in other nooks and crannies as well. Oddly, Mandy's Kona Lisa has no rust at all. The oxidation frenzy took hold of my bike alone.

That was a few weeks ago. The sight of that rust has been itching me--scrawling obscenities on the inside of my skull ever since. I knew I needed to rescue my sport utility bike and fast!

Tuesday I peered into the storage gloom and almost wept. I carefully removed the bike from the hostile space and slung it to my new trunk rack so I could further subject my faithful steed to the indignity of being hauled on a car again.

My plan was to strip the commuting accessories from the bike, clean and tune it, and the build it back up as a mountain bike trail-building machine. It's got the H-bar. I really just need to take off the fenders and put The One's old wheels and knobbies on it.

Tuesday night I planned on getting it rideable, but the chain was pretty far gone. I took it off and continued with the plan as far as I could. So now we're looking at v4.1 (no upgrades) redux. I've gone back to mountain bike tires, but not for the previous reason of adverse weather conditions.

Why, pray tell, would I do such a thing? It's not like an Xtracycle makes for a good trail bike. You can't turn one around in a 10 acre field, much less on even a well designed singletrack switchback, and with the rear wheel trailing a good two city blocks behind you you can't get any traction for climbing. Seems nutzoid, huh?

I did say "trail-building machine." And that's exactly the primary purpose of the Cannonball X from this point forward. I'm hoping it can pull double duty as a rough tourer too. We'll see about that.  I'm going to try and get it back to rideable condition tonight for a grand rollout on Saturday.  Photos to follow.  And maybe some X-deck surfing?

Oh, building trails where? Hehe. Soon, Dear Readers. Soon.

The potential for a 7+ mile trail along the 760' contour...

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