Friday, April 12

Cobhill Value Meal

I did a super-sized combo this afternoon after work. Since Mandy and her dad and Jeff and Casey were all headed down to do the Redbud tomorrow and I'm flying out for Chicargo early in the AM I decided a solo jaunt on the Cobhill-Patsey Loop was in order.

Got this text from Jeff the other day:

"Just did cobhill to patsey hill back to back for the first time. That 25 miles felt like 70."

Now, Jeff lives on this loop. First off, I'm jealous, but 'b', I could see that. When he and I rode Cobhill awhile back I wanted to just die at the top. I walked twice. Then we rode back to Furnace the direct route and back to Stanton. On that ride Jeff talked about Patsey Hill and how burly it was going either direction.

Basically what the situation is is this: Cobhill-Patsey Road traverses Woodward (Wodward on the map) Creek from ridgetop to ridgetop in a short distance. What this means is that either approach, from the east or the west, involves a crazy descent to the creek and a heartbreaking climb back out of the valley. Both approaches are guarded by miles of endless rollers with the Cobhill option close by. Tantalizingly close by.

Jeff is a monzter. He proved that last weekend mtbing. So if he thought Cobhill and Patsey Hill back to back were brutal I had no business even thinking about riding them. But I made it my business. Or more correctly, I said I was going to do the loop and then committed to it before I had time to think about it. That seemed like the best strategy.

Two days of talking about biking without actually biking was enough to drive me over the edge. I was gonna ride some stupid loop or die trying. I'm jealous everyone else is doing the Redbud, and therefore I needed a consolation prize for having to go to a five day conference in Illinoising.

Anyway, it was a good ride. Cobhill will go down; hopefully before it gets too hot. Patsey wasn't a cakewalk, but it was nothing compared to Cobhill. And what is really the silent killer on this 26 mile loop isn't the 1.5 miles of continuous 12+% climbing on the two cruxes but the other 24+ miles of perpetual rollers.

I'll try to sum up the KY Walk Bike Summit over the weekend. And be looking for a guest post trip report on the Redbud Ride.

Go Mandy!


  1. Looks like you are starting to get back into it. How you feeling about your biking?

  2. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner Doug! Not getting miles in, but it seems like I'm getting some good quality rides because I'm getting noticeably faster. I just need to start getting out on the dirt for longer periods of time.