Saturday, April 27

Friday Almost Blues

Early on Friday Hugh Loeffler posted on facebook: “If you can't cut work and go climbing on a beautiful spring Friday like this, you love your job too much. Surf is up!”

Then the next post in my newsfeed was from Troy Hearn: “CVP pretty darn nice today. Get some dirt action before it rains again!”

I would have been hating and plotting their collective demises, but I was getting cut free from work a half day myself. Oh, it wasn’t for something as sexy as rock climbing or mountain biking. We were meeting with Boone’s principal on his placement next year. But I knew once I was free of that that there would be opportunity for me to go rock the woods with my presence.

After the meeting I met up with Jeff and Tommy and we went to scout some potential new trails. What we found was pretty incredible. Tom cut out for his big date night after about an hour, but Jeff and I stayed to see what we could see. What we saw was a few miles of ATV trails that just need a little work. A few miles...

One feature of note I am calling Monzter Hill in honor of Jeff. It's 0.1 miles long with a 22+% grade. You gain 80 feet with no reprieve. I might have made it 1/3 of the way, but Jeffers, on his 8th try, nailed it!

Did I think about his Herculean effort later on when I cleaned a hill he couldn't? Nope.

We nabbed the low-hanging fruit. We didn't even really get deep into the woods. There's still a lot of land to see and a lot of details to work out.

The biggest bummer was simply that we only had a few hours of daylight to play.

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