Friday, April 5

Kentucky Mountain Biking Interest

I've spent some time on the iHorn today trying to drum up interest in a meeting to discuss a new chapter of KYMBA to focus on the Daniel Boone National Forest and the rest of the Cumberland Plateau.

If you're interested we're shooting for an April 27 meeting in Berea in the late afternoon/early evening. You can email to express interest at ascentionist at yahoo dot com or keep an eye out here on the Pavements Edge for more info.

I rode three consecutive days at Veterans Park in Lexington this week. I'm intentionally resting today because there are super-secret plans for another impromptu cyclocross bushwhack classic. Well, they were secret. I can't imagine that I'll have a frozen derailer again to add "singlespeed" to the mix seeing as how the temps are supposed to be near 70F tomorrow.

Today is my doldrums. It's nice. I'm getting ready to head home for the weekend. I could ride today. No! I'm not gonna! But my lovely wife is going to get out and enjoy riding today. I may drag the kids out in the woods.

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