Thursday, April 11

Kentucky Walk Bike Summit: Day 1

The first day of the Kentucky Walk Bike Summit is over, at least for me, and it was truly inspiring.  It seems a lot has been going on the past few years while I was out of the state and it is very heartening.  I appreciate that the Kentucky Rails-to-Trails Council has organized this event.  I hope this is an annual gathering.

Bill Gorton of the Kentucky Bicycle & Bikeway Commission opened things up and introduced Lt Governor Jerry Abramson, the former mayor of Louisville, who gave the first talk and got things off to a great start talking about his work in Louisville and about things going on right now throughout the state.

Next up was national public health, planning and transportation expert and former Olympic speedwalker Mark Fenton who talked about how we can have "stickier" communities, that is, communities that make quality of life improvements that promote long term health benefits through smart planning.

Mark's talk was energetic and informative.  After his rousing presentation you just felt like going out and changing the world right away.

Then there was a panel discussion followed by a presentation by Andy Clarke of the League of American Bicyclists.

During lunch we heard from Secretary of Transportation Mike Hancock's office and from Elaine Wilson of Kentucky Adventure Tourism. More good stuff.  I'm very excited about the work Adventure Tourism is doing.

Lunch was good and afterward we dispersed into the breakout sessions.  I heard about Kentucky Trail Towns, Bluegrass Bike Partner, and the Kentucky Century Challenge.  My day was punctuated by Troy Hearn's presentation on mountain biking opportunities in Kentucky.  I got to meet many like-minded people and did some good networking.

It was a full day, and I'm going back tomorrow!

Andy Clarke, LAB

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  1. Dude, I wish we had discussed this. I was there. I'll be there on Friday as well. We could have chatted over a beer this evening.

    Maybe soon.