Monday, April 15

Mean Streets

At lunch today I was out in downtown Chicago on a walking tour outlined in a booklet I got when I registered for the conference, and I overheard someone on the street say: "There were two explosions."

I had a feeling that something significant had happened. I continued on my hike around town, but when I got back to my room, my camera filled with hundreds of photos of a bustling city, I turned on the TV for background noise while I changed clothes to head to my next session. Then I saw the horror going on in Boston. Needless to say I didn't go to the session.

My quick assessment: I think this is domestic terrorism. I don't know exactly what makes me think that, but our country is so polarized it just seems likely that some whack-job has done this for some asinine political reason. It's frightening that maybe there could be a connection with the Sandy Hook event. I sure hope not.

It was hard not to be cognizant of being in the middle of a large American city while watching the news today. After dinner I wandered back down along Michigan in the rain for some more photos. I got some good moving shots of a couple of cyclists, but more so I saw the huge difference in the streets of Chicago than in the other cities I've ridden in: Nashville, Dayton, Lexington and Denver. Chicago is hard. Motorists honk over cyclists, pedestrians, and almost over each other. The sheer number of moving beings leaves little room for error and no rest for the fixed.

If I lived here I would ride the streets, but I'd harbor no illusions about immortality if I did. In Chicago, it seem, cycling in the street is dangerous. Maybe even crazy...

No, I think the reality is that its like everywhere else I've ridden: there are better places than others to ride and what appears dangerous can be controlled more than you'd think.

Anyway, trouble in the world and trouble at all makes for a rough time trying to compose a blog post.

So tonight as I lay down to go to sleep in a strange city on a dark day I say a prayer and wish you all a peaceful night. I hope Tom feels better and heals quick after his crash tonight. My father-in-law took the ditch to avoid being hit by a car and got banged up good. Mandy's having a rough night dealing with our six-going-on-sixteen-year-old and the stark realities of our tumultuous move back to Kentucky...I can't be there for support and comfort. It's frustrating.

Like I said, I've got hundreds of photos from roaming around Chicago, and I'll share the good ones after I get back home and have time to get settled. I will also write up my final summary of the KY Walk Bike Summit and maybe my thoughts on the APA National Conference too.

But not tonight, not tomorrow...too much chaos to organize that kind of post.

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