Friday, April 19

Photographical Reminiscence of My Recent Hiatus

Here are some (okay, a lot) of photos from my trip to Chicago for the American Planning Association's National Conference:

There is so much I could say about this: hipster in a suit,
texting while biking, cyclo-fascist...

Dearborn separated bike lanes

Dearborn and Lake

I didn't end up renting a bike, but I was gonna...

Dearborn during the morning rush hour

E.T. phone home!

Bikes as art outside Willis (Sears) Tower

Bike parking

Misspelling fascists!

The only roadie I saw. Everyone else was hipster or utilitarian

Like this guy...

Hey buddy, you got a low rear tire.
And you're riding on the sidewalk.
And yes, I am taking your picture.
And yes, I am a tourist.

Hipster near-life experience. The cars were honking and
he was yelling all the way through the intersection.
You gotta admire his lack of interest in fostering mutual
understanding, and his strict adherence to the hipster
code of "individuality through rigid emulation."

"I think I see my dad."

Escher would be proud breakfast at the Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe


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