Monday, April 22

PR Campaign

Mandy and I visited our “local” bike shop on Saturday.  We bought a much needed new Saris trunk rack.  We’ve been using a 10+ year old Yakima and the rubber keeper bands have been crumbling away while the rack itself has succumbed to rust.  It’s kinda ugly.

“Do you need anything else?”  she asked as we browsed.
So I got a new saddle for my road bike(s).  I’ve needed that for quite some time.  Then we meandered toward the front of the shop and I paused by the shoes.
“Do you need new shoes?”
We chatted with a young lady at the shoe section about my Leadville t-shirt as she helped me try on some shoes.  But then as I narrowed it down to just a size choice Mandy could take it no longer and wanted to head into the parking lot to check out the farmers’ market.  She handed me her (our) debit card and turned for the door.  She was almost there when one of the guys said to me with a sly grin: “Don't you need a new bike?”
Mandy turned cried: “Do NOT sell him a bike!”
He intercepted her as she strode back toward us and guided her toward the other door.
“You just go on!” He said as he nudged her out the door.

Her voice was cut off by the closing door—“Do NOT sell him a bike!”—and I said:  “I really want a Surly Krampus.”
Bike shop guys says:  “She’ll hate me for this…” and sat down at the computer.  He looked it up—June or July.  

We all got a good laugh.  I didn’t get a new bike though.  I’d like to say I ordered a Surly Krampus…I didn’t.
After we got back home with my new saddle and shoes I went for a rare evening ride.  I left Clay City over Pompeii hill nabbing an unexpected KOM on the section from highway 11over to Beech Fork Reservoir.  I continued on across 213 to North Bend Road where I clocked in #2 on the section between Morris Creek and Rosslyn. 

What was truly surprising about my Strava experience for the night wasn’t my performance—though I did surprisingly well—but that there were existing segments on my favorite routes.  Apparently I’d not fired up my Strava app on rides along Pompeii and North Bend since our grand return.

I was going to post the above post when I got back from Veterans during my lunch ride.  I held off in case I had something noteworthy to include from my quickie.  I didn’t really expect much, but was pleasantly surprised with an overall PR-trending ride.

I didn’t feel terribly fast or lithe on my run today.  The new greenery flanking the tight, sinuous trails made me hesitate a few times.  I’m just not familiar enough with the place to be able to go all out without visual cues.  Despite my wussery and seeming sluggishness I managed a respectable climb up through the ranks.  In particular I climbed up to 15thout of 78 on the “Veterans Park South Loop” segment. 
I need these short sprints as much as I need the base miles.  I’m lacking the base, but maybe I can boost my overall speed over lunch.
It doesn't hurt my feelings to see better Strava results either.

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