Wednesday, April 24


This is going to sound like whining, but I’ve got to get this out.  Believe it or not I think I’m really looking for a solution.  After the APA conference I got on a scale.  I’d been eating for five days on a per diem budget; however, I had also been walking all over Chicago like a fiend so I wasn’t sure where my weight would be.  The Mohican is less than 50 days away and I’m getting nervous about my borderline “Clydesdale” status. 

I think I have lied I hate to admit it, but I think I’m going to skirt the Clyde-lifestyle indefinitely.  I just can’t motivate myself to drop the weight.  I’m so weak of mind when it comes to food.  Impulsivity, laziness, stupidity…yeah, it’s all my own fault.

I got on a scale.  I didn’t know what number would pop up.  I was hoping for a miracle, but…


No progress. None. Nada. Nyet. Nien.

Mandy suggested I try a popular commercial weight loss program.  I’m not opposed to the idea, but it won’t work for me and here’s why: I can’t remember to track my food.  I’ve tried using an app for Sparkpeople.  I’ve tried other tracking methods.  I just can’t do it consistently enough to be beneficial to me.  I’ve tried tricks.  And I want something that will work.  I just can’t find a program that I can use on my own and manage my calorie intake.  It’s less about willingness (though there is a distinct lack of that) and more about routines.

Maybe I can work my mass to my advantage somehow.  Are there any all downhill 100 mile mountain bike races?  I could dominate.  There is a history there.  At Leadville last year as I was heading around Turquoise Lake another cyclist thanked me for letting him draft on the paved descent.  Then he stomped all over me going up the other side.

Within 20 minutes of the start of the Alpine Odyssey I had a moment when I believed my girth was being ridiculed:

We'd just come down a short hill and it sounded like another rider said: "I like your block."
"What was that?" I asked.

He replied, with an accent I hadn't detected the first time: "I like your blog."

He'd read my blog!

And then at the finish of the Alpine Odyssey, just before I walked away from the finish a rider was coming in. He was a tall guy and as he came over the finish he was calling out his weight.


He looked in my direction and said: "You're a Clydesdale too! How much you weigh?"

"Uh, like...190."

So maybe it’s possible to turn flab into advantage.  Again, does anyone know of an all downhill 100 mile MTB race?  NO! I’ve got to drop this weight, and I’ve got to do it now, not in a couple of months, not after the Mohican.  NOW.  

[Last minute update: as of this morning I am 196.  I am NOT the biggest loser...yet]


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  1. I've heard good things about chia seeds too. I actually tried a chia seed based gel I got from the bike shop and I liked it (apple cinnamon flavor) but it was $2 a shot. I've heard chia seeds in the raw are slimy, so the texture might be an issue for me. Maybe we'll revisit the option though.

    The problem with me "needing" more calories because I'm active is that I use that mentality to overeat far beyond what I actually need. And I eat all the wrong things.

    And you're right. I had a phenomenal couple of days on my lunch rides and I'm as heavy as I've ever been. I just keep thinking if I were 30 pounds lighter I'd be KOM on my Strava segments instead of 15 out of 80 ;)