Tuesday, April 30

What's in a Month: Part I

I have some training to do.  In 31 days and 22 hours I’ll be lining up with others to chase down the finish line of the Mohican 100.  Today my biggest question is: will I do 100k, or 100 miles?  The second biggest question I have is: how bad do I want to suffer?

I’m not getting in the dirt mileage I need.  And now we’re into May.  It’s likely the temperature and humidity will only climb, making mountain biking more miserable.  Oh, so wonderfully miserable!

At the KyMBA meeting this past Saturday one attendee, the director of a non-cycling trail advocacy group, relayed that he had only ridden a mountain bike one time in his life, and during that ride he had two flats, was riding a cheap and heavy bike, and he tore his pants.  To which I replied: “Sounds like you had a great ride!”

Yes, mountain biking is sometimes all about suffering.  So go back and read the last sentence of my second paragraph.  Oh, so wonderfully miserable!  Yes, yes it is.

I’m most likely going to suffer hard in Loudonville a month from now.  I accept that.  Part of me thinks that over this next month I should just train myself to endure more and more suffering.  Who’s with me?  You don’t have to commit to suffering yourself; just to being witness to my suffering. 

I’m going to start right away.  This coming Saturday Mandy and I will be running the Natural Bridge 5k in Eastern Powell County.  Currently we are living in Western Powell County.  From my sister’s house to the starting line is 22 miles.  I will ride to the start of the race, run the 5k, and dominate (in my mind).  Sound like I’m setting myself up for failure?  Nope, I’m setting myself up to suffer good!  

It’s all training, right Dave?  If I don’t want to be scalped by the Mohican (groan from the audience) I need to up my efforts (whilst staying uninjured!) for the entirety of May.

For the next 31 days I can’t allow myself the luxury of dry trails, perfect weather, or the creature comforts of the non-MTBing lifestyle.  I’ve gotta get dirty and bruised, bitten and burnt, soggy and smelly…

Once the Mohican is behind me I’ll hash out my two-months-to-Leadville-plan.  That might not seem like much to some, but I have the base, the experience, and the drive to make the most of those two months.  What I fear is the lack of focus and will.  I can’t let my fear defeat me. Fear is the mind killer.  Fear is the little death.  I must face my fears. 

This year there will not be the option of quitting Leadville.  Tired, weak, injured, wrecked, broke down, rained on, hypothermic…none of those excuses will fly.  I’ll drag my dying carcass over the finish line this year no matter what.  However, my goal is to cruise over the red carpet under blue skies with at least a quarter tank of gas left and the cruise control still on. 

May is my test run.  How this month goes has a lot to do with the training focus I can expect in June and July.  Here we go.

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  1. Good luck. I am definitely feeling the clock ticking right now. Being in limbo with my knee and being told to be positive but rest by my coach, and wife, and probably in 60 minutes by my new best friend the PT are a tremendously suffer-filled activities. (Yup I am moving into the whining phase of my race....)

    Be smart in the Mohican. Eye on the prize....