Friday, May 10

Pointless Post About Pointlessness

As I wasn’t trying to come up with a post topic this morning an idea popped into my head: I’ll write about the bike ride I’m planning tomorrow.

In the past I’ve considered that maybe people don’t want to read about things I’m planning on doing.  But I’ve thankfully shoved that thought under the couch where it belongs.   I mean, if I didn’t write about things in the future then I wouldn’t have compiled a gazillion posts called The Leadville ChroniclesSaga.  I’m considering binding all of those posts into a coffee table book.  Since we don’t have a coffee table at home I think I’ll have to pedalpeddle them out on the internet.
Yes, I’ve discovered the joys of strikethroughthis morning.
Anyway, I feel guilty that a large portion of my blog is all pontification, while a less than equal part is reflection and analysis, while an equally less equal third portion is all prose and an attempt at dry wit.

I know what you’re asking yourself right now.  Is he going to write about the ride tomorrow?

It’s been raining for a few days.  Well, that’s not true, it actually didn’t rain yesterday and was quite nice, however, the ground was sodden making for a sad mountain biker.  I was so sodden, I mean sad, that I just didn’t even have the gumption to subject the Dogrunner to the indignity of being hauled on the back of my car so I could do a road ride at lunch.  Instead I ran at the park after work while Boone warmed up for his baseball game.

Whilst running I had a thought. 

Oh, you want to know what it was?  Well, it was about the future, so I’m not sure it would be appropriate for this blog.  Are you certain?  Okay, I’ll just keep it to myself.  What?  Well, for Pete’s sake speak up!  A vocal minority doesn’t like seem to like reading about things I’m going to do.Oh, there’s more of you?  Well, it’s my blog after all.  You don’t have to shout.  Oh, you’re not my readers. It’s just the voices in my head…

Tomorrow the plan is to wake Jeff up really early with cymbals and firecrackers and a bucket of cold water and go do an 80 mile ride upon the blacktop (what we Appalachans call pavement) and return before noon so our significant others can also get in a ride.  I’ve really enjoyed being back here and just going out for fun rides.  Unfortunately most of my rides have been for training purposes and have been the epitome of hellish suffering upon the bike.  Not really.  If I’d suffered more I wouldn’t be so absolutely freaked out that the Mohican is only 21 days away.  I’m kinda lazy that way.

 The route I have in mind is Stanton up through the Gorge over to Beattyville and back to Stanton via Furnace Mountain (named so because it burns).  However…logistically Jeff and I probably need to end up in Slade because the cyclo-ladies are planning on doing the Gorge Loop.  I gotta rethink this.  So yes, not only have I blogged about a future event, but I’ve now changed my mind about said event before ending the post and I’m not going to go back and rewrite the post.  I’m a stream-of-consciousness kind of guy.

And what was the thought I had while running yesterday?  Well, I like biking because it allows me to cover a lot of ground and see a lot of terrain in a shorter period of time.  In Kentucky the good conditions for mountain biking are less frequent, and even for road biking the weather is less than cooperative (die Bill Meck!), but for running…well, I will run/hike in any conditions.  I don’t mind rain, snow, ice, heat, tornadoes, volcanoes, meteor strikes…it’s all good.  And if I’m running I’m covering a lot of ground faster than I could walking.  And without a bike, helmet, clicky shoes, a tool kit, etc, etc.  The simplicity is appealing.  Just me, my shoes, a pair of running shorts and my iPhone.  For Strava...
Shut up!

I’ve though those ultra-endurance runners that do Leadville are crazy.  I’m not saying I’ll ever want to run Leadville, but I’m thinking I can get into running more heavily to stay in shape.  Obviously that will have to begin after biking in Leadville this year.  For now I’m committed to my saddle time.  For now I’m a cyclist above any other hat I might choose to think about wearing in the future.

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