Wednesday, May 8

The Long Bike Back

Instead of posting a long monotribe (singular of diatribe) I'm just going to direct you to this site.

Here's the blurb:

Pearson Constantino was preparing to fulfill his lifelong dream of bicycling across the United States when he was hit from behind by an SUV.  Despite his helmet, Pearson suffered serious and permanent injuries including a shattered femur, a crushed vertebra, and a head injury.  The Long Bike Back, a feature length documentary, follows his grueling recovery and his inspiring ride across America with his brother, Pete, advocating for road sharing and improved bicycle infrastructure and legislation. 

People don't like to think or talk about the reality that cyclists can get hit by cars and injured or killed.  Having been a full time bike commuter and an unapologetic utility cyclist I have had more close calls than I care to tally and have read about and seen evidence of more collisions than should be happening in modern society.

Somebody needs to address the marginalization of cyclists, and our society needs to fully embrace the idea that bikes are more than toys and have a legitimate place on the roads.  It seems this effort supports that fully.

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