Wednesday, May 1

What's in a Month: Part II

Hopefully a whole lot of freakin’ miles!

This post is part monthly mileage and part the gnawing to the quick of my anxieties about my impending doom…er, racing of the Mohican 100 on June 1st.

Yes, today is both the first of May and 30 days out from Mohican madness. And stepping out from the “month” theme for a brief moment…we’re 100 days out from Leadville.

Will I succumb to fear and opt for “only” the 100k version or will I man up and set myself up for a potentially grand failure at 100 miles? We’ll see how my May goes.

April was better than January, February, or March, but still painfully sparse in bicycling miles compared to months in recent years. I rode 186 miles in February. My monthly average for 2013 so far is 151.75 miles. Pathetic.

I will say that since I returned from Chicago I have ridden only quality miles. I’ve not squandered my infrequent opportunities to ride. I’ve ridden hard, and I’ve made a strong point to take time off and not let the urgency to ride push me into unprofitable windows of opportunity. This is a new level of restraint for me.

Monday, while not fraught with performance milestones, was one of my best riding days of late. I had a good lunchtime ride doing the Delong/Walnut Hill loop from work. I averaged 18.9 mph and had one PR and the rest were 2nd best times. Then after I returned to the Red River Valley I sprinted around a figure 8 double loop for 13.6 miles (17.4 mph average) to establish a few new Strava segments and to get in some rolling training/torture.

Notable segments are the 4 mile loop in front of our house that I will most likely be riding laps on and running a lot over the next few months. And on this clockwise loop is a bitterly stout little climb called “Granny Moppet.” 

Yesterday after I had a few miles under me I reached the bottom of Granny Moppet Hill and I had two cars behind me. I stood up and slammed down on the pedals—hoping to establish a good benchmark for future efforts—and wanting to put on a good show for my motoring audience.

Now, my Strava record shows a 60+% grade. Nope. It ain’t that steep. The satellite must have been doing a space dance or something. It gains around 100 feet in 780 linear feet: 12% grade for 0.2 miles. Its short enough it won’t kill you on an all-out effort, but steep enough that it’s no giveaway. Good uphill sprint training for sure. I managed a 7.1 mph average on the hill Monday night. Monday I rode a total of 29.1 miles, and they were good fast miles.

Yesterday I was in it for another all-out effort and “last chance workout” mode to pad my miles. I had 150 as of Tuesday at 12:01am. What could I do in 24 hours? Well, I slacked until 11:00am when I went out for a lunchtime ride. I felt like I was struggling. And while I didn’t have as strong a showing as I did on Monday, I did knock out one PR, a 2nd fastest, and a couple of 3rd fastest times on various segments along the Delong/Walnut loop. My lunchtime ride put me at 165 miles. While that would be a good target weight for me it wasn’t the monthly mile count I wanted. 35+ miles would put me over the 2 dollar bill I really wanted for the month. But I didn’t know how the afternoon would play out. I sure didn’t think I had another 35 miles in my legs before the month ran out.

I didn't ride anymore after lunch. I needed rest, food, and a stronger sense of irresponsibility. I'm okay with that. I just didn't ride enough early on. May is going to be different.

May is BIKE MONTH after all!

The final tally for April was 165 miles.


  1. 100 days? The freakin clock is ticking and I can hear it...Sigh.

    1. I just looked your timer still says 100 days (and 4 minutes).......

    2. OK Now it says 99 days. Time to panic???