Monday, June 10

Fifty or Sixty

First's 60 days until Leadville.  Now the fun really begins.  It's time to fine tune the mind and body.  Since I lack the opportunities for the big climbs I had last year I plan on just racking up the miles and working on those weaknesses I saw in myself last year.  I've definitely improved my singletrack and technical riding.  Cardio is still a bit lacking.  Diet is still key.

But let's not dwell on Leadville...

Yesterday Mandy rode the Gorge loop from our front door and back.  She met her dad, and they rode on to meet Casey further down the road, then the three of them rode the loop together.  

The kids and I finished lunch only to discover the rain had come to town.  I texted Mandy and Tom both to let them know it was coming and got no response.

Then the lightning began.  Almost immediately I got a call from Mandy's mom.

"Do you think we ought to go check on them?"

I thought they'd probably be okay, but a glance at the Doppler changed my mind.  I left the kids to play with cousins and grabbed a couple of rain jackets before heading east.

I called Mandy's mom again.  She'd decided to drive on up. 

I got behind her on Nada Tunnel Road, and as I sat waiting to go through the tunnel I got a text from Jeff:

"Hey. We stopped ... before sky bridge. We're good. There isn't any lightning, and the rain is letting up. We're waiting for Tom. Love you."

I wasn't sure what to think about this.  I mean, my feelings for Jeff are strictly platonic.  I wasn't sure how he managed to get to ride too.  I guessed they just left the kids alone at home unsupervised.  Man,  that could be dangerous.

Then I read the rest of the text:

"Can you forward this to Chris? Mandy has no service."

I was confused.  Does Jeff love me or not?  I was at least relieved to know Jeff was home with the kids where he belongs.  Fix me turkey pot pie!!!

Mrs Proofer and I drove on through the Gorge until we caught up with our team at the top of Sky Bridge hill.  They were wet but in good spirits.  They'd been rained on for five miles, but hadn't seen any lightning.  And they had nine miles of ridgetop riding ahead of them.

Top of Sky Bridge Hill

I offered to wait on down the road a ways until the weather passed or got worse in case the wind picked up or lightning started up again.  They all agreed that was a good idea so the SAG crew went on and left the wet (but not drowned) cycle-rats to their ride.

Reaching Pine Ridge

Leaving Pine Ridge

On to Slade
They reached Slade with 14 miles to go and easing skies.  I left them there and went on back home as they finished up the ride.  

When Mandy rolled into the Red River Regional Bikeport I had raviolis and hot tea waiting.  I threw her bike up on the stand, wiped it down, and lubed the chain.

She had a good ride and was feeling good as she recounted the ride.  I'm glad she's getting in some quality miles.  Originally I'd told her it was 60 miles, but its actually only 52 from our front door.  Close enough considering the weather...


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