Monday, June 3

Monthly Mileage: Mother May I

Mohican update to come.  For now enjoy this monthly mileage update :)
May: 335 miles.

Sha-ZAAM!!! Finally cracked a 200 mile month in 2013…wow, was afraid I was going to kill my bike mileage this year despite the half dozen or so centuries I’ve tricked myself into doing.
Looking back on my monthly mileages since 2007 I noticed a few things.

First month over 200 miles: February 2008 (moved to Colorado)
First month 300+ miles: July 2008 (First summer in Denver)
First 400+ mile month: May 2009 (preparing for the Triple Bypass Tour)
First 500+ mile month: April 2011 (6th month as a full time bike commuter)
First 600+ mile month: September 2011 (almost a full year as a committed bike commuter)
Highest monthly mileage all time (617 miles): August 2012 (Leadville month)
Best six month run: May through October 2012 with an average of 552 miles per month
May has historically been a pretty good month for me.  It always seems to be when I start to turn around the apathy and lethargy of winter into the chiseled calves of summer.  The days are longer, the temperatures are milder, and the false promise of summer vacation beckons (I’m not in school anymore, alas!) 2013 is going to be a slack year no matter how many big mileage events I sign myself up for.  I just don’t have the commuter base to yank down four or five thousand miles.  
And most of my year has gone in a flotsam of moving, new job, and family responsibilities that I just couldn’t swim against.  As much as I’ve managed to ride, cycling just hasn’t been the priority.
My monthly average for 2013 is 188.9 miles. My total for the year is 944.

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