Wednesday, June 19

Spousal Eye Roll

Me: So if I sell the Allez and the mountain bike I could get the Krampus.

[Spousal Eye Roll]

Me [Wistfully]: If I sell the Allez I'll never have another road bike that nice.

[Spousal Eye Roll]

Me: But what I really want is a Surly Disc Trucker for touring.  It could replace both road bikes.

Spousal being [with angry eyes]: Why did we get the Xtracycle?

Me: To...haul...STUFF...?

[Spousal Flat Stare]

Spousal being: I thought it was your touring bike.

Me: [Stammers impotently]

Me [finally, last line of defense]: I’d have one less bike…

Lately I’ve been thinking about bikes.  I know this may come as a shock to you.  It’s true; I’ve been thinking about my specific wants and needs as a cyclist.  The truth is I think I could shave off one from the total number of bikes I currently own.  Stay on my wheel here for the next few sentences…

If I sell all but the Cannonball (and how could I ever part with that bike?) and replace them with a Krampus (stop groaning!) and a Disc Trucker (Surly Long Haul Trucker with disc brakes) I would be set.  I must add the caveat that if this fleet configuration were to come about I would reserve the right to reassess and reconfigure at a later date, perhaps even the very next date, per Section 8, paragraph 3 of the cycle-nuptial agreement.  Oh yeah, it’s in there!

The beauty of the Krampus is that I could ride it with narrower wheels and/or swap out to a suspension fork at will.  It’s a versatile bike.  The beauty of the Disc Trucker is that it’s a road bike with all the trimmings.  While I love the Allez sporty sport bike and it’s whippy speediness, I think I would feel just as fast on the Truckster no matter what numbers Strava would show. The Allez just does not provide a good touring platform.  There are no fender and rack mounts.  You gotta run razor thin tires.  It’s got RIM BRAKES for crying out loud!

I have to face facts: I want a bike I can tour on.  Hehe.  Touron.  

The other reality is that I could just sell off my two current road bikes and replace them with the Disc Truckster and keep pace with the current mountain bike.  I might be giving up my Krampus dreams for a while, but I’d still have a really good and formidable mountain bike.  On the other hand, I’m just not satisfied with my current non-tourer even though it’s a super fun bike to ride.

For me, owning the Allez is like owning a Porsche but really needing a Subaru Forester.  It’s fun, I’m gonna drive it, but eventually my needs will outrun the fleet.  What do I see myself doing in the near to far future?  After Leadville I think I really just want to do more mellow long distance riding: bikepacking and road touring.  I’m two or three decades too late to pick up racing.  As much as I regret that I didn’t get into it when I was younger I just can’t justify pursuing finish lines that have so many more able bodied riders blocking my way.  I still want to go the distance though.

What does this mean?  Nothing right now.  I’m poor.  But I like to think abike bouts.  A lot.  For the sake of maintaining spousal cohesion these elements will just go into the Transportation section of the Pavement’s Edge Comprehensive Plan until such time as we secure funding.

In my spousal being's defense, she is very supportive of my idiotsyncracies and puts up with my wistful cyclo-musings with great patience and humor.  And she didn't even make me write that.  Is that good?

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