Thursday, July 11

I Love Bikes (But Not That Way)

At a recent inaugural local Transition meeting hometown cycling legend Joe Bowen asked Mandy about her well-loved Salvagetti shirt:

"I like your shirt...but I don't get it."

She replied:

"I don't usually wear it out in public, I's an innuendo."

Joe laughed out loud and said: "I like it even more!"

Yes, I did say Transition meeting.  It's been awhile since I've blathered about Peak Oil, the Post-Carbon Apocalypse, and the Transition Movement.  Maybe it's been too long.

It was a good meeting.  Angela pulled together am impressive group including representatives from UK, EKU, local govt, the local county extension agent, an Appalachian philanthropy organization, and a few of us citizens.  All we need now are more warm local bodies.

I think the opportunities for growth are abundant at this point. The low-hanging fruit is ripe for the picking.  This kinda makes me want to start lobbying for a local sustainability coordinator position.

We've (the Pavement's Edge family) kind of drifted away from the path, but we've never really lost sight of it.  Now that we're somewhat stable its time to assess our position and move forward with intent.  


Y'know, I started to bring up the hurdles we face here to recreate our lifestyle from Arvada, and it occurred to me that we could do a SWOT analysis or something of the sort to refine our familial vision.  Hehe...I feel like the old me is waking up a bit.  I'm enjoying this far too much.  I've been too easily distracted by recreational cycling.

The return is beginning to feel more triumphant...

After the meeting Joe asked me and Mark (another cyclist and director of the public library) if we should start a local cycling club.  Without doing the math I figured we could pull it off.  I said we should.

My efforts at recruitment were somewhat stymied last night though, as is evidenced by the following text exchange with the Mozhican:
Talked to Joe last night and we're starting a local cycling club.  You're president.  We've got six gross of jersies coming and they have your face on them.  Dues $300 per annum payable to "C. Chainring."  You get half off dues if you have leg hair.  Or have a Strava profile.  Or are Joe.  Or Tomahawk.

Sounds good except as president, my first order is to ban all strava in the county. Any cyclist  caught with a solar charger in their jersey will be forced to climb the mattercob with toms grill strapped to their back.

Bring it.

You're president in name only.  The real power is wielded by the scribe.  That's be me.

Mark and I are riding cow creek to high rock in the morning.  5am at the stop light in Stanton.  Should be to high rock by 6.

Really? Who's mark?

The Single Speed Librarian.  No, I made that up.  We're actually camping at the bottom of the Cobhorn right now and will set off before daylight on an alpine start with our bikes, crampons and ice axes.  We may have to loiter until winter so there's enough ice for the crampons and axes to work.

He's told me if I need to I can kill him and eat him to survive.

Oh, and we're cooking Mandy's veggie burgers on tomahawks grill right now.

Mark's a free range librarian, so you could probably survive and not break your vows not to eat meat.

Have him eat lots of applesauce tonight so he tastes like a lara bar.


After a long pause I added:

That mean you're in?

Are all these texts just to drum up some "blog butter"?

Dont change the subject.  Yes.  Dave L wussed out too, but at least he had the  decency to put it in the context of gear ratios. "Oh, I only have a 2x9 setup so I'd be way off pace" and I told him mark would be on a single speed and he asked "Road or MTB?" And then he asked me if we were using lights.  I mean, C'MON, of course we're not using lights!  Then the bears nesting at High Roxx would see us coming.

Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with Dave.  He used to be such a hard man.

Does blog butter help with saddle sores?  Post is mostly written now.  What else you got to wrap it up?

No response from Jeff...did I slay him with my lame humor?  Finally I added:

Look at it this way, 5am is early enough that you could do the ride and still be home for your normal bedtime.
Awesome! Let's just go now and get in a hundo.
I told you, we're at basecamp grilling patties.  Can't ride right now.  If you want just come on over to the bottom of the Cobhorn.  When you get close start hollering "I...wanna rock and roll...all night!" Over and over until you hear us yelling back.  Then go toward the sound.

While we were acclimatizing we did a whitewater run of this little creek that comes down from Fitchburg in an inflatable KMart dinghy.  After all that rain its really rock-a-rolling.  The kids are doing one last run before bed.  They've got to get up early to move our camp to the top of the hill.  I'll post video to my blog when we get back into the land of 5G. 

Oops!  Lily's in the drink, I gotta go!

I didn't get any more responses from Jeff so I'm assuming he headed out for "basecamp" at the bottom of Cobhill.  Its unfortunate he's lost in the backwoods of Estill County because when Mark and I were heroically climbing up Cow Creek toward High Rock his chain snapped under the sheer force of his crushing ascent and sent him flying head over teakettle into the verge and we could have used some mechanical aid from Jeff.  We were only a few miles from his house at the time. 

I felt bad I had given him bad beta, but he kinda had it coming, what with making the rest of us look bad by pedaling with one leg while riding backward up Furnace while pulling all three of his kids on a tractor-pull sled.

It's not fair.  I only have two kids to train with.  How can I ever be as strong as the Mozhican with only two spawn to pull?

The punishment for using Strava?

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