Tuesday, July 16


"I'm filing a workman's comp claim," I told Jeff on the phone.  

My back was jacked up beyond all recognition (JUBAR), and even though it had more to do with me clenching myself around a mouse and keyboard all day and NOT from trail building at Hi Roxx it still seemed appropriate to spare the corporatist machine and lay my middle-aged woes at the feet of the little man.  Namely Jeff.

There was some discussion of our lawyers getting involved, but then we came to an agreement.  Mandy would bring the makings for veggie burritos and we'd watch the Mount Ventoux stage of Le Tour without escalating things to physical violence.

Tom's house was neutral ground.  And Mandy's mom wasn't home so we could trash the place.  

None of this would have been a problem if Jeff weren't such a slave driver.  Or if I were in better shape.  I gotta get a real job.

Snobbier people weren't impressed by the stage, but I thought it was kind of interesting.  I guess it's hard for people who don't ride in the mountains to understand the beauty of sucking oxygen through your eyeballs while dying on the bike.

Last night we had BLTs for dinners.  That is "bacon, lettuce, and tomato" in case you were wondering if I'd somehow worked "bike" into a meal.  I would never substitute a bike for bacon.  Bacon really is my life's passion.  While we didn't raise the bacon ourselves we did grow and slaughter the tomatoes.  Heirloom even

We've been discussing our potential food self-reliance.  The plan is to plant a few apple trees--our yard used to be an orchard--and some blueberries.  My paternal grandfather has a huge blackberry patch behind our house.  The plants are loaded, but nothing is ripe yet.

What that has to do with the TdF and litigation against the Mozhican I couldn't say, but the only way I could think to work it into a blog post was to throw it in completely at random.  You're welcome for the Non-Sequitur Tuesday!

Local rides are growing on me.  I'm settling back into the idea of front porch touring too.  In Colorado most of my rides the last three years were of the out-the-front-door variety.  I'm finding that many more places than I'd previously thought are actually within easy reach from my house now.

I still want to bike to the drive-in.  Turbo and Despicable Me 2 are playing on the back screen, aka Theatre des Mosquitoes.  Of course I'd want the kids to go too.

It would be awkward for Mandy and I to go alone and then try to make out on the deck of one of the cargo bikes.  Better to have the young 'uns to keep us behavin'.

I managed a 23 mile ride before work this morning.  For the most part I had the roads to myself.  I went back to Cow Creek for a climb up Hi Roxx.  I think I'm going to petition the county to rename it Chainbreaker Road.  That's where the Singlespeed Librarian lost his, and I nearly dumped mine on the short steep crux this morning.  My bike tuning skillz are all JUBAR too.  Maybe even FUBAR.

On the return I ran the dogs on Cat Creek (another road name change petition in the works) and realized I'm only creating a pack of really fast bike-chasing dogs with all the training I'm giving them.  Not to mention any workouts they're getting from the Mozhicans.  One bit Tom.

Anyway, back to suing Jeff...

I might wait until the trails are all finished.  In case I clean his clock and get everything...  

It'd be nice to have the whole trail system complete before the Chainring Clan conquers the Mozhican Clan for Powell County cycling dominance.

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