Wednesday, July 3

Rain, Rain, Go Away...No, Really!

I’m off work tomorrow for Independence Day as I hope are all of you.  
I’m going to let that sentence stand, because after writing it I can’t seem to arrange the words in my head any differently that would sound better.  I know there is a combination that would flow in your mind and mine, but I’m not able to come up with it right now.  It doesn’t help that Word wants me to substitute “is” for “are.”
Big schemes are cooking on a fire that appears to be in danger of being rained out.  I’ve been prodding the Mozhican via textular phone to go ride Drip Rock in the morning.  The rock may be dripping in the AM.  The forecast shows a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.  I hate making plans on a window of opportunity that’s only open 30%.  That it’s a work holiday is like adding napalm to a paper cut.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit overdramatic.  Anyway, a grand opportunity for a big training ride is turning soggy.
Wait, what’s that you say?  There’s no guarantee that it won’t be raining on August 10th in Leadville, Colorado?  Shut up.
I should plan on riding regardless.  That’s just the reality of the situation.  I’m lazing out is all.  After a long grungy road ride in the rain there’s so much work involved in cleaning up the bike and getting it back in good riding order.  And I’m at a point right now where it seems all of my bikes are needing some serious maintenance.
As you know (NO, you don't...I thought I had blogged about this, but looking back for a post to link to I can’t find one), the Xtracycle went downhill fast in storage after the move; I still haven’t gotten it back in good riding condition.  I’ve been pounding relentlessly on The One for almost two years now with almost no maintenance or component replacement and that’s catching up with me now.  In fact, the only things I’ve had done to it before last week were replacing the brake pads before Leadville and getting the rear wheel trued after Leadville.  Otherwise I’ve hardly touched it with a tool of any kind.  That bike has thousands of hard miles on it.  You can imagine what the drivetrain looks like these days.  And finally, the Dogrunner is shifting raggedly.  On my High Rock ride yesterday I noticed when I stood up on the pedals the chain wanted to skip and chatter angrily.  It was almost enough to make me cuss.  Okay, maybe I cussed a little.  To myself.
So of three bikes I’m really down to none that are working well.  Yeah, let me count it up again.  None.  Oh wait!  What about Minus?  How could I forget Minus?  No tires.  I swapped out the Gatorskins that were on the old Bianchi to go on the Dogrunner and have not had the coin to replace them.  Minus is sitting on two worn flats right now.  Let me count up those working bikes again.  Right—NONE.
If I had the money I’d just buy a new Krampus or Disc Trucker.  Anyone got about $3,400 I can borrow?
I’ve put in a ridiculous amount of time trying to get the Cannonball lined out.  The MTB just needs to be put back together at this point, but I’m stalling on putting the tubeless tires back on ‘cause I’m lazy.  I haven’t had the time to put the Allez up on the stand and see if maybe all I need to do is adjust the derailers slightly (hopefully the cassette tape isn't all wound up in the spindles).  And the Bianchi is just parked for the time being until I break down and buy tires.  But any free cash I have in the coming month or so need to go into the MTB and not my backup road bike.  I’d sell Minus for some upgrade cash if he were in better condition.  No one would give me much for it right now with worn out tires.
Anyway, back to my schemes…
Drive-in on the bikes tonight:  50-60% chance of rain.
Drip Rock ride tomorrow morning:  70% chance of rain.
And the grassy coop…
Morning bike commute to work on Friday:  60% chance of rain.
Yeah, I decided since I will probably be the only person in the office on Friday (being the newest and with the least vacationtime) I would do the 45 mile ride to Lexingtown as an ode to my lost prairie bike commutes.  It could be a bluegrass-bike commute.  Yeah, that just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the same…
I’m going to man up.  No more whining.  I’ll create my own blog-fodder.  The blog-tea has been weak lately.  I need to really let ‘er steep so I can give you something good and strong.  I won’t let the rain dilute it.
Apparently driving everyday has wussified me.

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