Friday, July 19

The Leadville Saga: 21 Days of Leadville

Follow me on twitter as I count down the days.  Tomorrow morning at 8am EST (6:00 MST) it will be three weeks until the start of the 2013 Leadville MTB Trail 100.

Each day between now and August 9th (you think I'll remember to post from my start corral?) I'll post something relevant to me about or from the phenomenon that is the Leadville Race Series.  I'll use the hashtags #LT100 and #21daysofleadville

Feel free to join in and use those hashtags to share your thoughts on the race.

I'll try and remember to update this post each day with the new tweet.  I'll also include any that others share.

21) I've ridden more centuries this year than last...and faster.

20) Recovery comes later, on easy ground. And after, with chocolate milk

19) “Fear is the mind-killer.”

18) Put your nose down on that handle bar and dig deep!

17) Why didn't you finish this one dad?
16) You're better than you think you are..

15) You can do more than you think you can...

14) Throw your leg back over that bike and dig deep!

13) I commit! I won't quit!

12) I volunteer as tribute!

11) "I never saved anything for the swim back."

10) "I've decided you're finishing next year."

9) When I cross the finish it will be so much sweeter because I had to dig so much deeper to get there.

8) This all started with a simple though: I could never do that. I don't think that anymore.

7) [This] year will be better. The experience will be sweeter. Crossing that finish line will mean more.

6) ...those 13 miles I ride in my mind every day. 

5) The most important things? Be positive and have fun!

4) I didn't go to Leadville to come home matter the outcome. 

3) Adversity is the forge where you craft the tools to deal with life's true challenges.

2) It's easy to say our dreams are too hard to attain and just keep dreaming without acting.

1) I have unfinished business in the mountains west of Leadville, Colorado.


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