Friday, July 19

The Leadville Saga: Fun and Games Edition

Got a text from Dave the other day (sorry Jeff, this one isn't about you):
So how is Leadville looking?
Remember just go have fun.
I think that's the key to any endurance type thing, keep it fun!
My response:
Mandy keeps saying the same thing.  So I guess I'm going to go have fun.
I must have sounded pathetic to Dave:
Hey make the best of it! You probably see friends and all from out there, I know you want to finish and do well! But look at it this way that's not the same as going to win it! So don't stress about it! That’s zapping tons of energy!
Both Dave and my wife make excellent points.  Mandy keeps saying "once it stops being fun don't do it."  And she's right. Some of you have commented and said similar things.  This trough that I’ve been in for a few weeks is actually pretty normal for people going into a big event like this.  I went through it last year.  Then I crushed Rollins Pass.  So yes, I need a Rollins Pass ride, but I also know as I get closer to the Big Day I’ll start ratcheting down the loose sails and bring everything in close to the center.  Focus.
Realistically there's no reason I shouldn't fly all the way to the bottom of the Columbine climb.  That's fortysomething miles that’s not the least bit intimidating to me.
It’s that almost 8 mile, 3,100 foot climb followed a few miles later by the 3.5 mile and 1,500 foot Powerline climb...  

Nah, you know what?  Just putting numbers to the whole thing--with my current perspective--makes it seem not so bad.  Altitude is the only unpredictable factor in this scheme.
So here’s what we’re going to do…and I need you, Dear Readers, to make this work:  I’m going to institute the first ever Pavement’s Edge Not-So-Lame Contest.
Whomeverest can guess closest to my actual finishing time at the Leadville MTB Trail 100 on August 10th, 2013 will receive The Grand Prize.  In the days (cause we ain’t got weeks) ahead I will outline what that prize package will entail.  
But I promise it will be worth you plugging your little guess into the comments field of this post and this post only.
I may even give away swag to second and third runners up if enough people chime in.
Let’s narrow it all down.  Obviously it has to be a realistic guess (feel free to propose something totally unrealistic just for fun, but I’m only going to recognize your first response) so let’s say anything slower than the current record of 6 hours and 16 minutes and faster than 13 hours which is the cutoff.  I’m not even going to venture a guess myself.  Don’t want to muddy the waters.  Anything’s fair game.  Do your worst!
A quick summation of last year to give you an idea where to throw your darts of chance…I DNFed at 87 miles after 9 hours and 40 minutes last year.  This year I am generally faster than I was on the bike at the same time last year, but I’ve ridden fewer miles (by half).  I am (disgustingly) almost exactly the same weight as I was this time last year, but my calves are much more sculpted.
In regards to prizes…I will say I have some cycling related swag which may end up being part of the showcase showdown.  I know for one that I will include my pristine (never used!) 2011 (Inaugural) USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 6 commemorative water bottle.  I’ll make sure you get something from this year’s Leadville race as well.  Maybe the swag t-shirt they give everyone or something cool; not something lame like my sweaty wrist band.  Though, if you’re interested in that I guess you could have it.  You never know, maybe I’ll pick up something in the HQ store just for this contest. The quality of Le Grand Prize really just depends on how many respondents I get before August 9thGet the word out.
So here are the succinct rules for those who just skimmed those last few paragraphs:
1) Guess my finishing time for the 2013 Leadville MTB Trail 100 by posting hours and minutes in the comments section of this post.
I’ll sign up for the automatic facebook/twitter updates so you’ll know when I come across the line.  The person closest to my actual time, either over or under, will win Le Grande Prize.
2) If I have more than 10 respondents I will also give out swag for 2nd and 3rd place.
3) Shipping.  We’ll figure something out.  
4) Friends and family?  Sure, ‘cause I don’t have enough readers to limit it to non-family.  I promise I won’t share my speculations with anyone close to me.  I’ll play it close to my chest for now.  

5) I've changed the comment settings temporarily to allow anonymous posting and there (should be) is no word verification, though I do have to approve comments through moderation.  That just lets me know when someone has posted a guess so I can keep track.  After the contest I'll change things back to the way they were.

If you post "anonymously" make sure you at least put your name and last initial in the comment field so I can keep track of the guesses.
If I get more than 100 respondents I will throw in something huge.  Huge.

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  1. I'm not putting a flag into the ground for you. It's your ride and your race.......

    Mandy seems smart though......