Friday, August 23

Machining Time

I do this too much, and it often backfires on me, but I'm going to give you a glimpse of where I see myself—and as a result this blog—going in the near future.
Since this is a cyclo-centric blog obviously I'll blather on about bikes.  Okay, post over.
But how will I talk about bikes?  Will I switch focus to cyclists over cycles?  There would have to be even a hint of focus to begin with.  Will I offer up some asinine onerous rules for me to follow?  Remember the Winter Commuter Challenge?  If so, I deeply apologize.  No, no rules.  I've considered laying down a set posting schedule time and time again, but ultimately I don't want to limit or obligate myself.
The writing portion of the three year long Leadville Saga is nearly over.  I figure within the next couple of weeks it will all be purged and you'll have my final thoughts on the matter.  I'm winding down even now.
 Having said that, you've not seen the last of the Leadville Saga.  More on that to come...
So what then?  Well, there's a new KyMBA chapter to get off the ground.  There are trails to be maintained and built.  There's a lot of utilitarian and recreational cycling advocacy opportunities in this state.  I've seen that the Sheltowee Trace Association, while not cycling specific in its efforts, is a group doing good work and would like to support that.
Mandy and I have committed ourselves to running, and I think I'm going to have some big schemes in that department.  I was somewhat inspired by Mr. Hoyes and hisSheltowee running attempt.  I've got a long way to go before I'm ready for my own such attempt, but Lord willing I will give it a go soon.
I've decided I need to lay off the for-a-fee organized events.  That's why I'm going to focus on things like setting/breaking records on certain local trails.  Maybe no one cares right now, but interest comes with activity.  Sorry Jeaph, that means some Strava time!
In the background I'll be training for the next big mountain bike race.  At least until I have a specific goal I'll work on general conditioning: better bike handling skillz, better climbing, better endurance, overall fitness, etc.
Mandy was pretty insistent that I'd want to go back and do Leadville every year.  That may not be practical simply because there's no guarantee I'll get in every year.  But since we have an adopted family in Colorado that we want to see every year we've decided we can justify going back either to ride, to volunteer, or just to make the scene for the MTB race annually.
I made the statement that I would approach it this way:  if I get in the lottery in 2014 then Leadville will be my one cycling indulgence.  If not then I'll look to more regionally local rides/races for a big event.  I still need a redemptive effort at the Mohican.  Then there are other races that have piqued my interest: 12 Hours of Capitol View, Off Road Assault on Mt Mitchell, and next year's Bluegrass State Games.  And let's not forget the suite of Leadville Race Series events.  I see the Wilmington Whiteface in my future, the Silver Rush, and maybe even one of those southwestern races.  Who knows?  I can always daydream about the Kokopelli's, the CTR and the Tour Divide.  Well, I can!
So the LT100 will be an "only if" kind of thing.  I'll ride if I get in, and find something else to obsess over if I don't.  I've got plenty of schemes cooking to keep my hands occupied.  Regardless, it's a part of who I am now, and I'll not drift away from it so easily.
Let’s not forget my roadie schemes either.  I'm going to do a tour to the summit of Black Mountain.  I'm going to get the inaugural Kentucky Century Challenge jersey.  I've got a few other schemes I want to play close to the jersey until I'm ready to roll them out, but let’s just say they're a little more significant than segment maintenance in the Strava realm.
I would also like to work toward being less reliant on my SOV.  I have a long commute—45 miles one way—but I see the possibility of eliminating some of those 450 weekly miles by using my bike.  I have the experience to make it happen.
Rambling is my forte.  Maybe in the immediate future I'll take some cyber-journalism classes.  If there is such a thing...

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