Thursday, August 1

Monthly Mileage: A Day Late And Thirty Miles Short

Well, last July was a record mileage month.  The record was only broken once: in August of last year.  I rode 610 miles in July and 617 in August.  And then I rode 559 in September which is pretty darn respectable considering my annual average last year was only 450 miles a month.

July 2013.  In the whole scheme of things it wasn’t a bad month.  For the five years we lived in Colorado I averaged 278 miles of cycling a month.  My annual mileages were 1,717 (2008), 2,012, 2,480, 5,100, and 5,400. It was during the last three that I was a full time committed bike commuter/utilitarian.  It would be reasonable to conjecture that if we’d stayed in Colorado I would have averaged around 5,000 miles a year consistently.  That’s a fictitious average of 416 miles a month.

I’ve been bragging about numbers like these since I was a small child.  It’s like they represent some sort of currency that no one else but me can see.

Anyway, back to this past month…
I’ve been trying to train for Leadville.  No, really.  Hadn’t you heard?  So my monthly mileage should have been like 1,000 miles a month since last October.  Nah, not so much. My average mileage for the past twelve months is 318.  That’s higher than my overall average for the past five years but a lot less than my monthly average for each of the past two calendar years.

Soooo…July.  This year.  What was it?  Oh, what was the total?  That’s easy.

370 miles…so close to 400!  

That puts my monthly average for 2013 at 230, and gives me a new record month for this year only.  

Considering I rode 101 of those miles in a single day it’s really not such an impressive number.  

I think after Leadville I may stop doing these regular monthly updates.  Maybe I'll just do the annual summary.

I'm jealous of the other people I know who don't keep track and who don't blog, Facebook, or Strava.  I wish I could forget the numbers and the internet glory and just ride.

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